Request to Join Psykit's Private Group

If you would like to join Psykit's Private Group (PC) in Elite Dangerous, please be aware of the following PG rules. The PG is non-exclusive, so you do not need to be a member of the Soteria Accord to join the group, but if you'd like to join you would be more than welcome to! It's also preferable that you join the discord so that we can let you know of any activities that we have coming up!

By agreeing to these rules, you understand that failure to comply will result in your immediate removal from the server, and a ban on twitch and discord.

★ Be respectful to EVERYONE.

★ Racism, misogyny, misandry, homophobia, or any other hatred will not be tolerated.

★ No unsolicited PvP allowed; the PG is specifically a PvE group, unless both parties have agreed to fight.

If a player has a bounty they are NO EXCEPTION to the PvP rule.

If you believe that a member of the PG has broken these rules, please contact any of Psykit's Mods on twitch or discord, or psykit herself. Please provide evidence of the incident.

Once filling in the form below, please send a PG request to "PSYKIT" via the social menu in game.