Psykit's 2v2v2v2 Battle Royale!

This has now been completed and we raised £835.69 (nice) for Special Effect! Thank you to everyone that was involved. The VOD of the event is here!

This year for Gameblast 23 we're putting on a charity Dungeons and Dragons teams battle royale!

If you're not familiar with Gameblast, this is the yearly weekend where we put our best fundraising hats on to raise money for the utterly fantastic Special Effect

Starting at 3pm UTC on Sunday 26th February, teams of two will battle it out for the top prize of a £30 voucher to spend in their favourite online store. 

Team creation rules

Play information

The game will take place on a floating island in a pocket dimension. For the purposes of the battle the magic surrounding the competition regards all characters as native to that pocket dimension while present there (looking at you, banishment, for that particular rule). It is also well lit, although there are some places for you to hide behind.

Over time, the play area will crumble away. You will have the opportunity to react to this, it isn't instant.

There are lair actions, and the potential for other items to be added to play by your benevolent audience.

Other info

The winning team will share a £30 voucher to the online store of their choice! 

If you are interested in submitting a team for the competition, please either drop me a DM on Discord or complete the form below.

Entries have now closed! Those of you who have applied keep an eye on your emails for your next steps!