Roll for Adventure

Introducing Roll For Adventure!! The new heading that all of my TTRPG content will be held under on the channel going forwards! 

BUT THERE'S MORE! Starting on 16 July 2023 15:00 and running every two weeks (player schedule permitting), we'll be running Candlekeep Mysteries in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons - episodic adventures that you will be able to hop into with our players starting from the beginning at level one!

I'll reveal my perfect cast playing these excellent characters over the next few days, but I can't wait for you to meet them all. After the game has finished, we're also going to have a 30 minute (or so) after show that will be held on the new stage channel in discord! Can't make the live show? 

We'll be uploading every episode to YouTube on the Sunday evening, and the after show the following week. I'm really really excited and can't wait to share this with you. 


Psykit as your Dungeon Master "Clare (she/they) will not choose a certain genre that they love the most because it is far too difficult. They love D&D and can not wait to bring some regular dice rolling content to their channel."
Candlekeep Mysteries Cast Announcement  Kaytianna as Talitha Mizar  A picture of Katie, a girl with pink and orange hair and a yellow top, smiling at the camera.  Next to her a description reads. "Katie (she/her) is normally found enjoying streams rather than being in front of the camera. She loves dungeons and dragons and if she's not playing herself is probably immersed in an online actual play."  A blond minifigure holding musical instruments and a sword is to the left of her.
Candlekeep Mysteries Cast Announcement  KayteeKhaos as Karina Aldane  A picture of Kaytee, with red hair and a black top.  Next to her a description reads. "Kate (she/her) is a diversity educator and LGBT+ youth supporter by day, and a gamer by night. Find her playing flight sims and nerding out often!"  A red haired minifigure wearing leather armour and wielding a rapier is to the right of her.