Clare "Psykit" Good (she/they) is a partnered Twitch streamer, content creator and podcaster based in South Wales with a passion for space, storytelling, and all things cozy.

Her channel is home to a marvellously inclusive community of diverse individuals who she is proud to refer to as the Lovelies because they absolutely are!

She strives to create a welcoming, supportive atmosphere while keeping her content fresh and dynamic. She has also raised in excess of $7k for various charities as both an individual and collaboratively and is a champion for accessibility in games.

Psykit is available for brand and charity partnerships, sponsored streams, collaborations, anything TTRPG related (no seriously, ANYTHING) and more!




Examples of edited videos that are available on Psykit's YouTube channel.

An interview with a developer discussing the struggles of kickstarting a new game.

One of Psykit's Elite Dangerous Beginners Guide tutorial series, the most popular series that she has on YouTube.

Occasionally given the time, Psykit has the opportunity to record and edit reviews of games, usually accompanied by a seperate video showing the first 15 minutes of the game in full.

A large collaborative piece with many content creators, the audio and footage all edited by Psykit.


Psykit is one of the hosts of Lave Radio, an Elite Dangerous podcast that has just passed it's 400th episode. Not to be satisfied with just the one Elite Dangerous podcast, she is also one of the creators, hosts and editor of Flight Assist, a series of interviews with Elite Dangerous CMDRs, Content Creators, and Developers. She also has plans to cover more subjects that she is passionate about in podcast form in the not too distant future, time permitting.

Previous Work and Collabs

Psykit considers herself incredibly lucky to have had fantastic experiences with a range of brands, some of which are listed below! 

If you would like to get in touch, you can do so  by emailing

Examples of brand integrations/sponsored posts.